Friday, February 29, 2008

Marketing With Passion

PASSION! That's what people want! People are attracted to people who know where they are going and are passionate and focused about it. That's the secret that makes good marketing into Great Marketing! Marketing with Passion.

Our job as marketers is to get the word out about our company with passion. To show customers how our products fulfill their needs better than ANYONE ELSES. Do it with passion because it shows that you are real.

Think about it. Don't you love to have passion? Isn't it exciting when somebody comes to you and tells you about a great new restaurant they tried? "If it lit them up this much, maybe it will light me up too!" We can all use a little more passionin our lives!

And isn't it contagious when someone gets excited about something new that's coming? Isn't it a great feeling when your team is ranked number "one" and you know they're going all the way! The moment is all filled with excitement and imagination. It's a state of creativity and thrill that we all love. And we love it so much that we gave it a name, "Passion"!

To be a great marketer you've got to have Passion about your product, your company, your marketing campaign, your marketing team, and yourself! Just try it! Passion is Contageous!


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