Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Social Networking Marketing Strategy

I just started my job at CME (http://www.cmeinet.com/) two weeks ago as chief marketer. Most of you know how uncertain things are in a new company; you feel like the egg shells under your feet are going to shatter into a crashing crescendo of "Oops! We hired the wrong guy!" That's not been the case in this instance, gladly.

My job right now is to get the word out about my company. That's okay with me, because to me, chief marketer means chief storyteller. And I'll love that.

I've been in marketing long enough to know that the model is broken in some places. My customers in the past have turned to mass communications and advertising to get the word out on their businesses. I don't know about you, but I hear everywhere that people are tired of being told by ads and corporate spokespeople what to buy, what they should want, how they should look, where they should go if they're sick, and so on. People feel that business don't know them and don't care.

Social networking allows business to know its customers directly again. Real two-way. unfiltered conversation. Not with everyone, but with lots and lots of people. And its a way for the customers to understand and know the companies that provide the products and services they want. Social networking builds trust because it is based on people talking to people.

I want my marketing plan to be based, centered, focused on using social networking to build its business. I'm looking forward to the experience. I believe it is a rare company that can go all-out and do this. I'm taking the plunge!

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