Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Idea Spot

I think the most valuable and delicate thing in the world is an idea! That's what makes us really unique, isn't it? The ability to contemplate our protoplasm and to walk away with something new? An idea is really a little miracle.

Just think of how many little miracles you have during your lifetime. Why, I'll bet from the time we're born until we're gone that a person has millions of them. Most ideas never get noticed, even when it's your idea. It's just a "notion" or a "thought".

Well I think its time we start taking up for ideas. They're what great things are made of! Start noticing your ideas and writing them down. I track mine on GoogleDocuments. I just keep a Word file in GoogleDocuments, so whenever I have an idea I open it up and place it in.

And don't forget to take credit for your ideas. Review the ideas you've already had. I'll bet you'll be surprised how fast they mount up. And tell others about them. That's how ideas become real. When people talk about ideas, the idea gets recreated in the minds of others. Soon the idea is a thought and, then, it's a prototype. Next thing you know its on a store shelf.

I let a couple of my closest friends share my ideas file. They can look in and comment, and even add an idea. Because in the world of ideas, two heads are always better than one!

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