Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Early Adopters

I was very proud of myself when I set up my first blog and mentioned it to my neighbor. He said he heard from his 4-year old grand daughter last weekend and she asked him to visit her blog. So much for being an early adopter.

Right now there are over 200 million blogs, about half of them are dormant or abandonded. But blog represent a big change in how businesses are communicating with their customers. No more mechanical voices, waiting on hold, or pressing "1" for service, "2" for sales. In the future businesses will be invovled in the Blogosphere with the communities or tribes.

And its a good deal for business. In 2004 Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz turned around his company's image with developers by setting up a blog in his second week in office. All of a sudden developers could talk to the man on top and get real answers and know that they were being heard. Sun's image improved as an innovator and developers began championing the company again. Schwartz knew that talking to people and listening to them in a conversation is the best way to build trust and a relationship. And he encouraged employees to do the same. According to Scoble and Israel, Naked Conversations, in 2006 there were oover 1,000 bloggers at Sun.

So I'm setting up my blog and will be discussing Marketing Research, Creativity, Social Networking and Predictive Analytics. I look forward to it.

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